Mrs. Green and Early Detection: An Accountable Care Priority

Consider Mrs. Green with COPD who develops a minor increase in pulmonary symptoms.  Her illness has the real potential to lead to hospitalization (and possibly ending up in the ICU on a ventilator). Successful intervention requires that:

  • Mrs. Green knows when and how to ask for advice.
  • Her request for advice receives a quick and consistent response, 24/7.
  • The assessment and advice be correct.
  • A same-day appointment be available with an appropriate provider if it is needed.

Implementing each of these four steps will require a thoughtful assessment of your organization’s current capabilities and the correct choice of options for improvement.

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Accountable Care Design Initiative

We led a primary care re-design consultation initiative at a large academic safety net health system, resulting in an implementation roadmap that included the building blocks for a coordinated care system.

See our Accountable care straw model for health system and Accountable care building blocks.

IPA Compensation Study and Competencies for Delivering Value-based Care

We developed a value-based care education seminar and compensation study for IPA physicians.  The leadership sessions resulted in an agreement on options for aligning the IPA compensation model with value- based care initiatives.

See New compentencies for value-based care and Value-based care considerations for independent practices.