Are these the questions you are asking about business strategy and management?

We are an integrated delivery system, but do we also qualify as an accountable care organization (ACO)?

ZOLO will assess your ACO readiness and work with you to develop a plan to close any gaps.

What will it take for our organization to evolve into an integrated delivery system (IDS)?

ZOLO will assess your current structure and capabilities and work with you to design an approach to clinical and financial transformation. We will provide experts to guide you through implementation.

We are doing well in the current fee-for-service environment. How will global budgets impact our bottom line?

ZOLO will develop a financial model, customized for your organization, that will allow you to understand how different levels of risk will impact your finances.

We need an MSO (or TPA) to support our ACO. Can you help us find the right one?

ZOLO will work with you to identify your organization’s administrative support requirements and we will help you create an RFP and guide you through the selection process.

We want to transform our organization, but we don’t have leaders with IDS or ACO experience. What should we do?

ZOLO can help you identify and coach your business and physician leaders that can help you have a successful organizational transformation.

Why should I use ZOLO instead of my usual consulting companies?

The ZOLO team has extensive operations experience. Our consultants don’t just know how to do what you need, they have done it.